In 2013, I decided to help people achieve their deepest desires and goals. I cannot forget how so many of my friends and people dear to my heart sacrificed their innate talents and geniuses for the sake of an average life.

They had dreams and had the potential to achieve them, yet they never believed they could do so.

I was always disappointed witnessing people giving up on themselves.

I promised myself I would not let it happen the same to me. I vowed to learn, grow, and stretch my hands as far as possible to help people accomplish what they think of their personal and professional life.

Since then, I’m in the service of helping people realize what it means to commit themselves to a higher goal.

In the last eight years, I reached thousands of readers and students through my blogs and writings. Yet, I remained to stick to my mission all this while and maintained integrity with my profession.

For many years, I blogged about self-improvement, finances, personal and spiritual growth. My articles were featured on FlippingHeck, Addicted2Success, ShoutMeLoud, MindValley, FearlessMotivation, Lead Grow Develop, The Checker News, YourStory, TheHansIndia, etc.

After B.Tech in 2017, I made a point to follow English Literature as my full-time career. Therefore, I opted for Literature in my post-graduation. Since I’ve been reading books and novels for about five years, it did not take me a lot of time to develop my knowledge of Literature.

I cracked my NET Exam in my first year of post-graduation. And after that, everything was history. Next, I cracked every national and other entrance exams I appeared in, was appointed as a teaching associate in a University, helped students develop the art of reading and writing, published research papers, articles, held events, and much more.

My passion for reading and writing was never over. Even after seven years, I still feel I have to share tons of things with the students. So I read and write as much as I can.

This platform is created to record all the information that will help English Literature students for many years to come. But, apart from it, I firmly believe that the service provided to the students on this website will stand outside the clutter and myths spread on the web.

Limitless Literature is a small project of a bigger mission to encourage the students to find their passion for books and develop a deeper understanding of Humanities.

What would it feel like to know that you have all the abilities and potentials to develop all the required knowledge to crack any English literature examination? To know with absolute surety that you cannot miss cracking the exams?

Cracking exams is about the right tools and proper guidance. I’m looking forward to providing you with both.

If you would like to inquire about the best study material, which took me a couple of years to create and is most certainly a key to unlock the doors of your career, you can know more about it here.

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Hi, I'm Nakul Grover.
Hi, I'm Nakul. I would be pleased to reply to your WhatsApp message. Let me know your query.