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Formalism – (Previous Year Questions NET | GATE)

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In formalistic school of criticism art is :
(A) entertainment
(B) preaching
(C) matter
(D) style
Ans: (D)

‘Formal Criticism’ relates to the structure of :
(A) Literary devices
(B) Myths
(C) Content
(D) Form
Ans: (A)

Which of the following theoretical movements claimed that “the device is the only hero of literature”?
(A) Russian formalism
(B) New Criticism
(C) Phenomenology
(D) Deconstruction
Ans: (A)

Which two terms among the following are associated with formalist criticism?
A. aura
B. actant
C. narratee
D. defamiliarization
E. foregrounding

Choose the correct answer from the options given below.
a) A and C only
b) B and D only
c) B and C only
d) D and E only
Ans: (d)

These are four models of relating literature to history. Which of the following is associated with formalism?
(A) Literary texts are universal and transcend history : the historical context of their production and reception has no bearing on the literary work which is aesthetically autonomous, having its own laws, being a world into itself.
(B) The historical context of a literary work is integral to a proper understanding of it : the text is produced within a specific historical context but in its literariness it remains separate from that context.
(C) Literary works can help us to understand the time in which they are set : realist texts in particular provide imaginative representations of specific historical moments, events or periods.
(D) Literary texts are bound up with other discourses and rhetorical structures : they are part of a history that is still in the process of being written.
Ans: (A)

Victor Shklovsky’s name is associated with
(A) Post-modernism
(B) New Historicism
(C) Reader Response Theory
(D) Russian Formalism
Ans: (D)

Who among the following is not a formalist critic ?
(A) Allen Tate
(B) Cleanth Brooks
(C) Stanley Fish
(D) William Empson
Ans: (C)

“The just man justices. What kind of foregrounding do you find in the above lines?
(A) Syntactic
(B) Semantic
(C) Collocation
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A,B)

Who among the following is not associated with Russian formalism?
(A) Roman Jakobson
(B) Georges Poulet
(C) Boris Eichenbaum
(D) Victor Shklovsky
Ans: (B)

Who among the following theorists holds that metaphor and metonymy are the two fundamental structures of language ?
(A) Ferdinand de Saussure
(B) J.L. Austin
(C) Roman Jakobson
(D) Victor Shklovsky
Ans: (C)

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