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Graham Greene – Previous Year UGC-NET | GATE Questions

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The first novel written by Graham Greene is
(A) Stamboul Train
(B) England Made Me
(C) The Heart of the Matter
(D) The Man Within
Ans: (D)

Which novel of Graham Greene in the following list does NOT end in some form of suicide by the protagonist?
(A) The Heart of the Matter
(B) England Made Me
(C) Brighton Rock
(D) The Power and the Glory
Ans: (B)

Who, among the following, was a Catholic novelist, an Intelligence Officer, a film critic and set his fictions in far-away places wrecked by political conflicts?
(A) Anthony Powell
(B) Evelyn Waugh
(C) William Golding
(D) Graham Greene
Ans: (D)

In Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock, Hale is murdered with the help of ‘brighton rock’ which is
(A) A kind of sugar-candy
(B) A form of grenade
(C) A baton
(D) A kind of rock
Ans: (A)

The protagonist returns with an admonition, the diamond sent to him for smuggling out a packet of diamonds as bribe.
This scene occurs in one of the novels of Graham Greene – Identify the novel

(A) The End of the Affair
(B) The Heart of the Matter
(C) The Ministry of Fear
(D) Our Man in Havana
Ans: (B)

Match the Graham Greene novel with its setting :
List – I
I. The Ministry of Fear
II. The Third Man
III. The Power and the Glory
IV. The Quiet American
List – II
A. Vienna
B. Mexico
C. Vietnam
D. London
(a) D A B C
(b) B A C D
(c) D B A C
(d) C D B A
Ans: (a)

In this novel by Graham Greene a double agent uses classic works of fiction to encode secret information. “He put Clarissa Harlowe back in the bookcase” is the first clue to his treachery. Then he draws on War and Peace and The Way We Live Now as matrices for secretly transmitting information. Identify the novel.
(A) The Man Within
(B) Our Man in Havana
(C) The Human Factor
(D) The confidential Agent
Ans: (C)

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