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How To Embrace English Literature When Faced With Doubts?

It cannot be wrong to say that the nation is in extreme uncertainty due to pandemic and prolonged lockdown. The postponement of exams, not having the exact dates, and everything else seems slower than ever.

The postmodern age has always been marked with an age of uncertainty. At this age, anything can happen. 

However, many things are happening not because of what’s occurring in the outside world but due to some truths, we have not yet understood. 

As we look down to all these uncertainties, we are dreaded about what the future holds for us. 

Some questions might be annoying you:

  • Will I be able to crack the UGC-NET exam?
  • What’s wrong with my luck?
  • Why is it just not happening?
  • “Am I made for English Literature? Or is it a subject that I would not have picked in the first place? 

During times of all doubt, it is necessary to change how we look at the things happening in our lives. 

A simple mantra to remember: 

Life is 10% what happens to us only and 90% of how we react to it.

With this simple truth in mind, here are three effective strategies to help you study English Literature when faced with doubts. 

Find Your Favourite Subject

When I was in doubt while preparing for UGC-NET English Literature exams, I used to keep all my study material away from my sight and pick a book to read. 

For the next few hours, I just read. I read Ruskin Bond, Amitav Ghosh, Charles Lamb, or my favourite poem, “Ode To The West Wind” by P.B. Shelly. 

I pick more books from the bookshelf and try to find how the writers used the punctuation marks. I learned how to put emotions in the words I write. I looked at the footnotes, bibliography, epigraphs, and everything to help me get attuned to the subject.


Doubts and uncertainties are simply reminders to develop an interest in the subject we decided to study years ago. Without these uncertainties, the subject would be dull and boring. 

These fears push us to study Literature – to try new things, learn history, understand the longings and yearnings of the human soul.

Stay Away From Overconsumption

Classes are going all around on YouTube, Zoom meetings, so on and so forth. The more you jump from one video to another, the more you allow randomness and confusion to enter your life.

You will find other students in the chatbox who you might start comparing yourself to. Instead of exploring the subject yourself, you get distracted by so many opinions, tips, and hacks. 

In times of pandemic and uncertainties, you pile up more confusion. However, this hotchpotch situation can be treated with care.


  1. Think of Literature like a living being.
  2. Personify it in your everyday life.
  3. Use apostrophes and treat the subject with absolute care.

As you apply this, soon you will see how Literature opens up a new world for you. Read how How Is It Preparing For UGC-NET Exam On YouTube Feels Like?

Don’t Avoid The Uncertainty

Whenever you are in doubt, realize that you have been trying to avoid your fears. 

Whenever you think about the subjects like linguistics or literary theory, you feel uncomfortable. So you try to avoid them. And when you avoid them, you are predicting a pessimistic future. 

You need to understand some topics are complex and boring at the same time. But you cannot escape. So you need to face them and understand them to overcome the challenges. 

Takeaway: Try to notice how your body reacts when you study the topics you are always afraid of. Getting into the right posture and a few minutes of deep breathing may help you spend a few more hours comprehending the topic to its depth.

Ground Is Yours

Lack of enough knowledge about what to read and what to skip can be one reason why you have not developed confidence in the subject. If this is the case, you can order the organised study material and unfold the subject layer by layer. Know more about the study material here.

In the end, there are always some writers, some poems, some stories that you can be grateful for. 

It’s not always about cracking the exams. It’s about overall development and the way Humanities shape our thoughts and make us more grounded. 

We have learned to dance, sing, and experience a newly discovered world of Literature all these years. No world is free from ups and downs.

Maybe you are uncertain today, but it is temporary. So I ask you: can you be more open to Literature and fall in love with a poem, short story, or novel once again? Let me know in the comments below. 

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