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Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Quiz Multiple Choice Questions MCQs

Welcome, dear student! Before you embark on our exciting quiz, it is suggested to watch the video on the work that we have created on our YouTube channel. This will enhance your understanding of the subject matter and summary of the novel. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle our challenging questions with confidence.

What is Okonkwo’s main concern about his son Nwoye?
A. That he will end up a spendthrift like Unoka
B. That he will be lazy and a failure like Unoka
C. That he will not be able to provide for the family
D. That he will not become a respected warrior

What action of Okonkwo shocks his community during the Week of Peace?
A. He accuses his youngest wife of negligence
B. He engages in a conflict with a neighboring tribe
C. He refuses to make sacrifices for the Week of Peace
D. He severely beats his youngest wife

Why does Okonkwo not show any affection for Ikemefuna, despite liking him?
A. He does not want to be seen as weak or feminine
B. He is afraid of losing his status in the clan
C. He believes it will make Ikemefuna too arrogant
D. He is unable to express emotions towards anyone

What is the significance of the locusts coming to Umuofia?
A. It symbolizes a time of plenty and abundance
B. It marks the end of the farming season
C. It means that a neighboring tribe is approaching
D. It indicates a time of famine and scarcity

How does Okonkwo react when Umuofia wins a virgin and a fifteen-year-old boy in a settlement with a neighboring tribe?
A. He takes charge of the boy and becomes fond of him
B. He leaves Umuofia in protest
C. He opposes the settlement and refuses the offerings
D. He ignores the new additions to the village

Who informs Okonkwo in private about the Oracle’s decision regarding Ikemefuna?
A. Nwoye
B. Ezinma
C. Ogbuefi Ezeudu
D. Obierika

What is Okonkwo’s initial response when Ikemefuna calls him ‘father’?
A. He feels proud and honored
B. He tells him to never call him that again
C. He embraces him with affection
D. He expresses anger and frustration

After the attack on Ikemefuna, who does Okonkwo visit to seek solace?
A. His uncle Uchendu
B. His friend Obierika
C. His son Nwoye
D. His daughter Ezinma

What happens to Ogbuefi Ezeudu during his funeral?
A. His sixteen-year-old son gets killed by Okonkwo’s gun
B. He falls ill and recovers shortly after
C. He warns Okonkwo against taking part in Ikemefuna’s death
D. He is announced to the surrounding villages by means of the ekwe

Why does Okonkwo take his family into exile for seven years?
A. To trade with the neighboring village
B. To plant yam seeds in a new land
C. To avoid arrest for killing a clansman
D. To seek the counsel of the Oracle

Who brings several bags of cowries made by selling Okonkwo’s yams during his exile?
A. Reverend James Smith
B. Enoch
C. Mr. Kiaga
D. Obierika

Who speaks to the villagers about their gods being false and idolatrous?
A. Mr. Kiaga
B. Mr. Brown
C. Reverend James Smith
D. Enoch

What happens when Enoch unmasks an egwugwu during the annual ceremony?
A. The villagers are converted to Christianity
B. The villagers hold a meeting with the missionaries
C. The egwugwu burn Enoch’s compound and Mr. Brown’s church to the ground
D. The District Commissioner is upset by the incident

What is the fate of the leaders of Umuofia when they meet with the District Commissioner?
A. They are given a warning and asked to leave the village
B. They are handcuffed and thrown in jail, where they suffer insults and physical abuse
C. They are celebrated and honored for their leadership
D. They are offered help and resources for their village

What does Okonkwo do when his fellow clan members do not join him in uprising against the court messengers?
A. He kills their leader with his machete
B. He surrenders himself to the District Commissioner
C. He accepts defeat and agrees to follow the court messengers’ orders
D. He leaves the village and goes into hiding

What does the District Commissioner find when he arrives at Okonkwo’s compound?
A. Okonkwo has hanged himself
B. Okonkwo has fled the village
C. The villagers are celebrating a festival
D. The village is preparing for war

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