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21 Lessons From 4 Times UGC-NET English Literature Unemployed Student

Most of my day goes in reading a book, writing these kinds of blogs, making videos on YouTube, and resolving the doubts of the students on phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

As I stay in touch with the students personally, I hear a lot of stories of success and failures.

Students from different states and backgrounds have different stories to tell. Some of them are of joy, while many of them are about the yearnings of UGC-NET.

One of them is Shivani Juneja (name changed), who started her journey of UGC-NET in November 2017.

While talking to her over phone calls, she wanted me to share her story with the students.

Although she has qualified the UGC-NET exam several times, she is still finding her way to land a good job.

She hopes that English literature students do not go through the same mistakes after going through these priceless lessons.

Here is how her attempts of UGC-NET looks like:

  • November 2017 – Failed in 1st attempt
  • July 2018 – Failed in 2nd attempt
  • December 2018 – Cracked UGC-NET and then gave another attempt for JRF
  • June 2019 – Cracked UGC-NET; missed JRF by two percent
  • December 2019 – Cracked UGC-NET; missed JRF by five percent
  • September 2020 – Cracked UGC-NET; missed JRF by 0.6 percentile

I’ve talked to the students who cracked UGC-NET in the first attempt. I’ve also spoken to students appearing for English Literature UGC-NET for the seventh attempt yet have not qualified for it once.

Lessons shared by Shivani are invaluable. It takes guts to come forward and add value to the lives of others. I appreciate her contribution.

Here is what Shivani has to tell (Translated from a conversation by Nakul Grover)

1. I wish I would have taken the job opportunity when I cracked my NET exam on the first attempt rather than wasting years for JRF. Before the pandemic, there were many options, and today, I have little teaching experience which has made my situation even more difficult.

2. What JRF pays, you can earn the same money from doing a job or giving tuition to the students.

3. Time is precious than money.

4. For five years, I’ve been trying to get JRF. I wish I would have moved on.

5. Cracking NET one time and cracking NET ten times are equal. Focus on improving your academic score. There are teachers who have cracked UGC-NET 10 times, but they are earning their living from it. More NET certificates is equal to more number of admissions to their coaching. Do not get into the number game. Crack it once and for all.

6. Publish research papers, write a research proposal and try to get enrolled in PhD. NET helps in grabbing short-term opportunities, but PhD will going to help you in the long term.

7. Do not listen to your coaching classes. They want you to subscribe to their courses, which is why they encourage you to crack UGC-NET several times.

8. Start your B.Ed as soon as you complete your post-graduation. You never know what exam you crack and land a job. Side-by-side, keep up with your preparation for UGC-NET and PhD.

9. You must target UGC-NET. In preparing for UGC-NET, you will automatically develop the required knowledge to crack SET/TGT/PGT/Lecturer exams.

10. Choose a good mentor. I’m deeply influenced by a few teachers, including Nakul Sir.

11. I failed to crack the UGC-NET exam because I thought I could qualify for the exam by myself. However, it did not happen. Therefore, it would be best if you had someone to guide you. Otherwise, it’s easy to get lost.

12. Don’t keep on collecting the notes. It’s always good to study one book than to leave ten books unread.

13. Revise! Revise! Revise! Do not trust your memory. Revise your notes several times.

14. Listen to your intuition in the examination hall. The first option you pick while guessing is a call of your intuition. Do not change the option once selected.

15. Study something each day. Your happiness is linked to your achievements. So instead of wishing to crack NET-Exam, work for it.

16. When you are frustrated during your preparation, understand that it’s a part of the journey. Truth is every student goes through emotional turmoil.

17. I agree that smart work beats hard work. You are not working on your PhD thesis that you have to study everything. Choose your guide or teacher wisely. It will create a big difference.

18. If you have failed the exam, do not blame your luck. It’s the right time to change your strategies and, in some cases, change your mentor. You can add more to your notes with the help of Wikipedia and other free resources.

19. Study previous year’s questions regularly.

20. You will find questions from every subject. From British Literature, the questions will have easy to difficult questions. Easy to moderate level questions will be asked from you from the remaining subjects. Do not focus on British Literature alone. Give time to other topics.

21. At last, don’t make the same mistake of appearing for JRF for many years. Sometimes, it’s not in your hands, no matter how much knowledge you gather. Get a job, even if it’s low paying one. Build your resume and academic score card by publishing papers, attending conferences, taking courses, adding skillsets and so on.

14 thoughts on “21 Lessons From 4 Times UGC-NET English Literature Unemployed Student”

  1. I am very much impressed with her views because she is focusing on getting job as quickly as possible rather wasting time. Ultimately job in combination with sound knowledge of subject is the source of satisfaction.

  2. If you’re a NET aspirant or have already cleared it than its definitely for you. Thanks a lot Nakul, it’s undoubtedly the best advice so far as people do dwell themselves in unimportant tasks while legging behind that’s actually needs to be considered. We need to acknowledge the fact that, “The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat”.

  3. Super information ? about to get a Good job, recycling for JRF exam’ is not necessary, It depends upon your luck as well as hard work.
    Make sure your first goal is only for JRF then NET will automatically complete.
    Focus on your goal.
    Don’t waste your time.

    When I was in 11th class our Economics Sir tells us every day focus on your goal, if you failed once then your competition goes tough. So, make sure you will not waste your precious time because time is precious then gold it will never come back.

    I hope now I’ll focus on my goal and secure good rank in NET, JRF ,SET ,GATE Exam’s Inshah Allah I believe in Almighty Allah definitely I’ll crack all these exams. in first attempt.☺️?❤️?

  4. Woww…. Very much inspiring and very much relatable to those who fails again and again.. To change your strategy was full of impact. Moreover each point cost a lot. This is the most surprising that i can relate to every point…
    And thanks to Nakul sir who are doing something different in a good way… Thanks sir to bring it to limelight.

  5. It was worth reading and very inspirational on what choices to make at the right time.Indeed Nakul sir will be a good mentor to rely upon because he makes things quite easy to understand.

  6. Woww❤️✨Is there any best piece of advice than this!!! Hats off to her for revealing such a precious words.,each word costs a lot.,nd thank you Nakul Sir for bringing out this.,The words, advice and help that one offer to people who are at the state of utter confusion, dilemma, nd need of it is the best thing in the world because they are not only helping them, but saving their time, helping them to overcome dilemma.,fixing the mindset and so on.,,, More power to you people ✨🎉


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