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Brontë Sisters – Previous Year UGC-NET | GATE Questions

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1. Which of the following arrangements is in the correct chronological sequence ?
(A) Adam Bede – Wuthering Heights – North and South – Villette
(B) Wuthering Heights – Villete – North and South – Adam Bede
(C) Villettee – North and South – Wuthering Heights – Adam Bede
(D) North and South – Wuthering Heights – Adam Bede – Villette
Ans: (B)

2. A fragmentary unfinished novel entitled Emma was published in Cornhill Magazine. Identify the author.
(A) Elizabeth Gaskell
(B) Charlotte Bronte
(C) Emily Bronte
(D) George Eliot
Ans: (B)

3. Below are two sets of texts one of which has inspired the other. Match the text with its inspiration :
(i) Coral Island
(ii) The Odyssey
(iii) The Mahabharat
(iv) Jane Eyre
(v) The Great Indian Novel
(vi) Wide Sargasso Sea
(vii) Omeroos
(viii) Lord of the Flies

(A) (i) – (v), (ii) – (vii), (iii) – (viii), (iv) – (vi)
(B) (iv) – (vii), (iii) – (vi), (i) – (viii), (ii) – (v)
(C) (iii) – (v), (iv) – (vi), (i) – (vii), (ii) – (viii)
(D) (i) – (viii), (ii) – (vii), (iii) – (v), (iv) – (vi)
Ans: (D)

4. In which novel, does the hero, driven by passion and revenge, add a new dimension to the concept of suffering?
(A) Wuthering Heights
(B) Jude the Obscure
(C) Mill on the Floss
(D) Hard Times
Ans: (A)

5. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, what does Mr. Brocklehurst accuse Jane of when he visits Lowood School ?
(A) Laziness
(B) Stealing
(C) Lying
(D) Spying
Ans: (C)

6. One of the most famous movements of direct address to the reader – “Reader, I married him” – occurs in
(A) Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones
(B) Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre
(C) Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy
(D) George Eliot’s Middlemarch
Ans: (B)

 7. “I am not an angel …… and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself.” This is ………………
(A) Maggie Tulliver in Mill on the Floss
(B) Aurora Leigh in the eponymous poem
(C) Jane Eyre in the eponymous novel
(D) Betty Higdon in Our Mutual Friend
Ans: (C)

8. Which character in Jane Eyre uses religion to justify cruelty?
(A) Blanche Ingram
(B) Mr. Brocklehurst
(C) Sir John Rivers
(D) Eliza Reed
Ans: (B)

9. Match the character with the work :
A. Pip
B. Causaubon
C. Becky Sharp
D. Heathcliff

I. Middlemarch
II. Great Expectations
III. Wuthering Heights
IV. Vanity Fair
The right combination according to the code is :
(1) B C D A
(2) D A C B
(3) B A D C
(4) C B A D
Ans: (C)

10. Which two of the correctly describe the features of Wuthering Heights?

  1. Flash backs and time shifts
  2. Oedipal obsessions
  3. Magic and ritual
  4. Acute evocation of place

Choose the correct option:

(A) (a) and (c)

(B) (b) and (d)

(C) (a) and (d)

(D) (c) and (d)

Ans: (C)

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