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E.M. Forster – Previous Year UGC-NET | GATE Questions

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1. Identify the story for which E. M. Forster wrote the libretto for its opera version :
(A) Heart of Darkness
(B) The Man Who Would Be the King
(C) Billy Budd
(D) Death in Venice
Ans: (C)

2. The novel Maurice by E.M. Forster appeared posthumously in 1971. It had a homosexual theme, so Forster considered its subject matter too indelicate for publication during his life time. It was influenced by a writer who was a socialist and open homosexual. Identify the writer.
(A) Oscar Wilde
(B) Edward Carpenter
(C) W.H. Auden
(D) E.F. Benson
Ans: (B)

3. The motto “only connect” is taken from
(A) Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo
(B) Rudyard Kipling’s Kim
(C) H.G. Wells’ The History of Mr. Polly
(D) E.M. Forster’s Howards End
Ans: (D)

4. In which play do we see a reworking of E.M.Forster’s A Passage to India as a camaeo?
(A) The Birthday Party
(B) A Resounding Tinkle
(C) Indian Ink
(D) Amadeus
Ans: (C)

5. The phrase ‘Only Connect’ is associated with
(A) D. H. Lawrence
(B) James Joyce
(C) E. M. Forster
(D) Virginia Woolf
Ans: (C)

6. Which among the following novels was not written in 1922?
(A) Ulysses
(B) Jacob’s room
(C) Aaron’s Rod
(D) A Passage to India
Ans: (D)

7. A remarkable novelist of the English Modernist phase who wrote a short book on what the novel is (and why it matters) remarked, “Oh dear, yes – the novel tells a story”. Identify the novelist:
(A) Virginia Woolf
(B) James Joyce
(C) E.M. Forster
(D) DH. Lawrence
Ans: (C)

8. Her vision was of several caves. She saw herself in one, and she was also outside it, watching its entrance, for Aziz to pass in. She failed to locate him. It was the doubt that had often visited her, but solid and attractive, like the hills. “I am not —“speech was more difficult than vision. “I am not quite sure”.
The above extract from A Passage to India is about Adela’s cave experience. Who is questioning Adela?
(A) Mrs. Moore
(B) Mr. McBryde
(C) Fielding
(D) Ronney Heaslop
Ans: (B)

9. Who among the following modern writers is associated with the quote, “Only connect” ?
(A) D.H. Lawrence
(B) Virginia Woolf
(C) James Joyce
(D) E.M. Forster
Ans: (D)

10. Where Angels Fear to Tread is a novel by :
(A) Virginia Woolf
(B) E. M. Forster
(C) D. H. Lawrence
(D) James Joyce
Ans: (B)

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