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Edmund Spenser Previous Year UGC-NET | GATE Questions

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In Spenser’s Re Faerie Queene there are the allegorized moral and religious virtues with their counterparts in the vices. Identify the correctly matched set :
(A) Una – Truth
Guyon – Temperance
Duessa – Deceit
Orgoglio – Pride
(B) Una – Pride
Guyon – Deceit
Duessa – Temperance
Orgoglio – Truth
(C) Una – Deceit
Guyon – Pride
Duessa – Temperance
Orgoglio – Truth
(D) Una – Temperance
Guyon – Truth
Duessa – Pride
Orgoglio – Deceit
Ans: (A)

Edmund Spenser’s Epithalamion is a carefully structured poem carrying __________ corresponding to the .
(A) twelve stanzas; months of the year
(B) three hundred and sixty five lines; days of the year
(C)fourteen stanzas; two week-long bridal ceremonies
(D)eleven stanzas; eleventh month, November
Ans: (B)

In “A Letter of the Authors” Edmund Spenser writes that two characters in Faerie Queene represent Queen Elizabeth. Who are they?
I. Britomart
II. Cynthia
III. Belphoebe
IV. The Faerie Queene
The right combination according to the code is
(A) III and IV
(B) I and IV
(C) I and III
(D) II and III
Ans: (A)

Colin Clout, Spenser’s persona in The Shepheardes Calendar appears in two of these ecologues.
I. ‘June’
II. ‘February’
III. ‘November’
IV. ‘December’
The right combination according to the code is
(A) I and IV
(B) II and III
(C) III and IV
(D) I and III
Ans: (A)

In the house of Holinesse in Faerie Queene, Redcross learns repentance and the way to heaven from Dame Caelia and her daughters, who are named :
(A) Fidelia, Speranza and Charissa
(B) Fidelia, Speranza and Una
(C) Fidelia, Speranza and Humilita
(D) Fidelia, Speranza and Zele
Ans: (A)

In which eclogue of The Shepheardes Calender does Spenser praise Queen Elizabeth I ?
(B) April
(C) August
Ans: (B)

The figure of the Warrior Virgin in Spenser’s Faerie Queene is represented by the character
(A) Britomart
(B) Gloriana
(C) Cynthia
(D) Duessa
Ans: (A)

Which statement(s) below on the Spenserian stanza is/are accurate?
I. A quatrain, unrhymed, but alliterative
II. A stanza of four lines in iambic pentameter
III. An eight–line stanza in iambic pentameter followed by a ninth in six iambic feet
IV. An eight–line stanza with six use of figurative language. Iambic feet followed by a ninth in iambic pentameter
(A) I and II
(B) II
(D) IV
Ans: (C)

In Faerie Queene what is Redcrosse’s reward for slaying the Dragon?
(A) The Dragon’s treasure hoard
(B) The satisfaction of accomplishing the end of a righteous quest
(C) Eternal salvation
(D) Una’s hand in marriage and her parents’ kingdom
Ans: (D)

What metaphor does Edmund Spenser employ (Faerie Queene Book 1 Canto 12) to frame his tale and to describe the relationship between the tale and its readers?
(A) That of a caravan of lost souls, traversing a desert.
(B) That of a stagecoach, which picks up diverse passengers along the way.
(C) That of a ship filled with jolly mariners.
(D) That of a riderless horse, following his own direction.
Ans: (C)

Two cantos from the seventh book of The Faerie Queene appeared posthumously. They are known as
(A) Mutability cantos
(B) Friendship cantos
(C) Justice cantos
(D) Courtesy cantos
Ans: (A)

Edmund Spenser’s Colin Clout’s Come Home Again is a fine example of :
(A) carpe diem
(B) sonnet sequence
(C) georgic poetry
(D) pastoral eclogue
Ans: (D)

At whose behest does the Redcrosse Knight undertake his quest in The Faerie Queene ?
(A) Gloriana’s
(B) Una’s
(C) Duessa’s
(D) Prosperine’s
Ans: (B)

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