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How To Make Career In English Literature In India

After talking to hundreds of students, I learned one of the frequently asked questions students have in their minds: 

“How one can create career in English Literature in India?” or 

“What are the fundamental aspects a student should start focusing on to build their career in English Literature?”

Over the years, I discovered that most career success comes from understanding simple truths. 

You don’t need to learn the complex philosophies to push forward your career in the right direction.

All you have to do is to implement the below tips to get the fruits from the profession you have chosen for yourself.

1. Crack UGC-NET Exam And Get A Job

In India, graduation and post-graduation matter to some extent but at the end of the day, everything boils down to one thing: Competitive Exams.

It doesn’t matter how many degrees you collect; if you fail to sit and compete for competitive exams like UGC-NET, GATE, or any other exam, you will find yourself stuck in your career.

Every competitive exam you qualify for opens new job opportunities and career options.

UGC-NET exam tops the list of all the examinations. Qualifying for the exam makes you eligible to sit for government vacancies and land job opportunities in private colleges and Universities.

As soon as you crack the exam, get a job in a private college and learn how a whole new world of academics works.

2. Gain More and More Experience

Simply cracking the exam and sitting at home expecting some magic to happen will not work. You need to go out in the field of academics and get in-hand practical experiences.

There are many things that you cannot learn sitting in the comfort of your home; you need to experience them.

As you start working in a college, continue your education, such as learning how to publish a paper, organize an event, or contribute to conferences and seminars to improve your academic score.

As you are now working in an environment, it is also essential to learn that people are emotional human beings and react to each situation differently. 

Working in an environment where you have colleagues, HOD, chancellor, director, registrar, or someone at a lower position than you, such as clerks or co-workers from the accounts department, will also nurture your people tactics skills.  

4. Develop a Mindset of Helping

All my success comes in life by simply helping people attain what they want. 

Wherever I go, I make sure to help people with the best of my knowledge and experience. That’s another reason why I reach the top in any organization I work within six months.

90% of people are selfish people. They don’t want to help, and that’s why they don’t grow.

You will find many people talking about themselves. 

They always have “Me-Story: I did this. I did that. I qualified UGC-NET 100 Times. I completed my graduation from JNU, DU, and other boasting stuff.”

The truth is no one wants to hear your story. What everyone wants is something that they can implement and improve their lives. 

Before thinking about “Me… me… me…” start thinking about how you can help others get what they want.

Genuinely help others. In doing so, you will attract genuine people who also want to help you.

Help the students you are teaching. Help your co-workers. 

You will find cheap people. You will find excellent people. All you have to remember is that those who help most get the most in life.     

5. Contribute To Your Organisation

Never criticize your organization, boss, friends, and family members. 

People don’t want to surround themselves with the one who has a problem with everything in the world.

As Dale Carnegie once said, “If you win an argument, you will lose a friend… The only way to get best of an argument is to avoid it.”

If you have something to give to your organization, go the extra mile. Make proud of your college administration that they hired the right person. 

If you don’t want to contribute, avoid criticizing. You cannot expect a positive environment by speaking rubbish about your boss and co-workers. 

6. Continues Efforts on LSRW

Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW) are the crucial skills that a 21st Century English Literature student constantly invests his/her time and money in.

Over the years, these four skills have my complete attention. Not a single day passed when I did not practice LSRW.

LSRW makes you more influential by communicating clearly with the students, readers, and your audience and compound your knowledge over time.

The very first activity of my day is either reading a book or listening to a lecture/podcast. The more I read and listen, the more secrets I possess to grow in my career.

Another advantage of listening and reading continuously is that it fuels me with content that I later use in making videos and writing these blogs.

If you read English Literature for one hour every day, you will be one of the top people in the subject within a few years.

7. Hire a Good Mentor

A good mentor is not the one who sells you his/her product and never visits you back and asks whether you are doing good or bad. 

A good mentor is one who remains by your side and helps you achieve your goals. It’s sad to know how so many students fall into the trap of YouTube pundits and lose all their money. 

Here is some advantage of hiring a good mentor:

  1. When you always have someone standing on your head, you perform better.
  2. Mentee not only encourages you to expand your limits while preparing for competitive exams but also gives you honest feedback to improve the weak aspects.
  3. It isn’t easy to discover everything by yourself. The mentee reduces the learning curve and assists in developing important skills and habits to achieve your career goals.

Ground Is Yours

You can learn anything in life by committing yourself to constant learning. Real education starts after college graduation. People who resolve to become lifelong learners have extraordinary careers and enough time to do what they love.

Competition has never been tough in any field. 80-90% of people are lazy and quit before they begin. They have fears, low self-esteem, low levels of confidence and often end up living below their true potential. 

By cracking the UGC-NET exam, you can give direction to your career. As you get a job, help your colleagues and contribute to the development of your college. 

To boost your career, hire a mentor from whom you can get practical advice against unexpected challenges.

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