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5 Ways To Beat The Dogs, Cats, And Horses of UGC-NET English Literature In Next 2 Months

There is nothing new to announce that NTA released the notification of UGC-NET 2021 yesterday. YouTubers have gained the views in one day than they could have attracted in the last six months by telecasting the official notification.

Fear among the students soared drastically. The competition has taken a new turn, and the students are metaphorically divided into dogs, cats and horses. The question is: how can you beat all these creatures? Let’s discuss.

Beat The Dogs

Dogs bark and run behind every car and bus that passes by them. 

If they see you, they will run behind you. If you stop and pretend as if you throw a stone at them, they stop barking. When you cross the street, these dogs find another person or vehicle to bark at.

How amazing would it be if someone could have asked the dogs what they will get after making a car or person at a halt? 

Such are the average human beings. So do the students. 

After the release of notification from NTA, many students will tend to procrastinate and fail to deal with their anxiety and pressure. They will fail to plan and stay calm until they are done with the exams. Unsurprisingly, their results will be disappointing, and you will find them studying for the next attempt next year. 

Here is the best opportunity for you to beat 70% of the students by simply staying calm and focused on your goal.

As you plan and study at least 4-5 hours every day for the next two months, you will go ahead of the students with low motivation and self-esteem.

The competition is now about mental strength than IQ or intelligence.

Beat The Cats

There are cats all around on the WhatApp and telegram groups. You will find them opining the expert views, still collecting PDFs, finding shortcuts and figuring out the best strategy to crack the exam in two months.

Cats are confused about what to study and what to skip. So they think of finding a quick fix to their confusion or leave everything on the luck to play the magic in the exam. 

The kitties will know all the strategies, right books and notes. Even some of the kitties are well prepared, but confusion, lack of revision and consistency for the next two months will hinder their success in the exam.

You can beat the kitties by simply avoiding the Whatsapp groups, YouTube and other social media platforms that trigger your fears. 

Create a study routine, and commit 4-5 hours every day to your studies, for commitment is the opposite of confusion.   

Beat The Horses

Your competition is not with dogs and cats but with the horses, the top 10% of the students. These horses are so disciplined that while you are reading this blog, they are busy crushing their goals.

I’ve personally worked with such students in our batch. Some of the horses I am training doubled their amount of time after the release of NTA notification. They are studying six hours and even seven hours every day.

Competition is always among the top 10% of students. Rest of the 90% are lazy, over-dreamers and over-thinkers.

If you don’t study for one day, you don’t know how many horses will overtake you.

The only way to win the horse is by finding out the right track and make sure that you keep riding on it.

Wake up early, keep all the distractions out of your sight and finish 4 hours of your study routine with the help of a timer or stopwatch.

There is nothing to do with the competition. While some horses will take rest for a few days and the rest of them will quit before the finish line, you go ahead of every student out thereby committing to the plan you created for the next two months.

You don’t have to compete with others. All you have to do is to remain focused and spend quality time with the notes.

These so-called crash courses are not the key at this moment. The only people who will benefit from the crash course are the ones who are providing it and not the students.

Be Realistic

It is necessary to stay realistic. You cannot start English Literature and come to its end merely in two months. 

If you have been preparing for the NET exam for the past few months, there are chances you will crack the UGC-NET exam provided you stay focused till the exam takes place. 

Being realistic will keep you less overwhelming and give you more breathing space to decide your next activity, topic or subject that you want to complete.  

The best thing you can do right now is to study the new topics for one month. Then, keep the last month to revise your notes and study a few important subjects from Paper 1, such as Research Methodology, Higher Education and Communication.

Your Call

Two months are enough to prepare and revise well. You still have over 300 hours to spend on the English Literature UGC-NET exam. These hours are crucial in determining whether you get the certificate or not.

Whether you want to be one of the dogs and cats or are you willing to compete with the horses, it’s your call.

Do you still lack clarity and want me to guide you to crack any exam in English Literature personally? Then, check out our Smart Study Material, which will become a catalyst in your preparation. 

18 thoughts on “5 Ways To Beat The Dogs, Cats, And Horses of UGC-NET English Literature In Next 2 Months”

  1. Love the way you’ve categorised the aspirants!
    This, definitely, is one of your best write-ups intended to inspire people like me! ?
    Thanks a lot for your motivation! 🙂

  2. Great sir…it was such a motivation booster. Though i am not preparing for UGC Net but i am a Literature student and i read your blogs whenever i come across them. They are universal, no matter what student you are it always guides you the right way!?

  3. It’s such a nice information about crack this exam. anyhow ?
    I always motivated by your thoughts ?
    Be like a horse, train your mind,stay focused on your subject, don’t be lazy like cats and dogs ?
    nicely motivated students like me☺️

    I’m the one among 10percent students and I believe it.

    May God bless you dear Sir ?

  4. Worth reading! Such a calculative division of NET aspirants. Unfortunately I belong to the cat group. Soon I would be one among Horses. Thank you so much sir for your advice! ???

    • I’m sure if you continue to study for the next few weeks, you will rise above maximum students. Many students are confused and anxious right now. Good time for opportunity-seekers. 🙂


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