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Important Years And Numbers To Memorise In British Literature

Thomas Beckett assassinated: 1170

Cambridge second oldest library opened in: 13th Century

Peasant Revolt: 1381

Total Tales planned to write in Canterbury: 120

Originally written tales in Canterbury: 24

Utopia was published in English in: 1551

Tottel’s miscellany: 1557

Lollard Uprising against Henry King V: 1414

Works translated by Caxton: 24

Wars of the roses years: 1455-1485

Shakespeare Romantic Written year: 1604-1612

Euphuese Anatomy of Wit: 1578

Spanish Armada: 1588

Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of the things past taken from Sonnet no.: 30

Shakespeare begin writing in the year: 1589

Globe theatre was built in: 1599

Globe theatre rebuilt in: 1614

Amoretti Sonnets contain: 88 Sonnets

AC Bradeley’s Shakespearean tragedy consists of: 10 Lectures

Francis Bacon’s Essay Published: 1597

A.C. Bradley’s 10 Essays published in: 1904

How long did Faustus demand that Mephastophillis serve him: 24 years

Composition of Shakespeare’s sonnets from: 1592 – 1598

Total lines in Epithalamion: 365

Cromwell named lord protector in: 1653

Theatre closed in the civil war: 1642

Paradise Lost published: 1667

Pepys diary written in between: 1660-1669

Revised edition of paradise lost extended from 10 books to 12 in the year: 1674

Year of the popish plot: 1678

Dryden’s Dramatic poesie: 1666

Robinson Crusoe: 1719

Songs of innocence and songs of experience: 1794

Anonymously Rape of lock published in: 1712

Boston tea party: 1773

First copyright act: 1709

Johnson’s Dictionary: 1755

Tatler Magazine: 1709

Essay on man published in: 1734

Total number of books of Tom Jones by Henry fielding: 18 books

Pope translated homer’s illiad: 1715-1720

Lyrical Ballads: 1798

Total Cantos in Byron’s Don Juan: 16

Tennyson’s In Memoriam: 1850

Total Lyrics in Tennyson’s In Memoriam: 132

Tennyson succeeded poet laureate Wordsworth in: 1850

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