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Jane Austen – Previous Year UGC-NET | GATE Questions

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Which of the following is a spoof of a Gothic novel ?
(A) Frankenstein
(B) Northanger Abbey
(C) Castle of Otranto
(D) Mysteries of Udolfo
Ans: (B)

Which of the following novels is a satire on the Gothic novel ?
(A) Pride and Prejudice
(B) Emma
(C) Sense and Sensibility
(D) Northanger Abbey
Ans: (D)

Pick out two Austen heroines from the following list who are right-minded but neglected in the beginning but gradually are acknowledged to be correct by characters who have previously looked down on them.
(a) Elizabeth Bennet
(b) Fanny Price
(c) Emma Woodhouse
(d) Anne Elliot
The right combination according to the code is :
(1) (a) and (c)
(2) (b) and (d)
(3) (c) and (d)
(4) (a) and (d)
Ans: (B)

 Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice most clearly shows the influence of :
(A) Fielding Smollett
(B) Richardson
(C) Smollett
(D) Sterne
Ans: (B)

Who famously said, “Three or four families in a Country Village is the very thing to work on” ?
(A) Clara Reeve
(B) Maria Edgeworth
(C) Frances Burney
(D) Jane Austen
Ans: (D)

From among the following, who are the Dashwood sisters in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility ?
I. Elinor
II. Marianne
III. Mary
IV. Amanda
The right combination according to the code is :
(A) I and III
(B) I and II
(C) II and III
(D) III and IV
Ans: (B)

In which Jane Austen novel do you find the characters Anne Elliott, Lady Russell, Louisa Musgrove and Captain Wentworth?
(A) Emma
(B) Mansfield Park
(C) Persuasion
(D) Northanger Abbey
Answer: (C)

 Northanger Abbey is a parody of the ………….. romance.
(A) Oriental
(B) French
(C) Gothic
(D) Popular
Ans: (C)

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice starts with the famous statement: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a life.”
As we get to read the novel this statement seems to be made from the point of view of:

I. the surrounding families
II. Mrs Bennet
III. Mr Bennet
IV. The women of Jane Austen’s age and society
Find out the correct combination according to the code:
(A) I, II and III are correct.
(B) I, II and IV are correct.
(C) II, III and IV are correct.
(D) I, III and IV are correct.
Ans: (B)

Who among this group of young male characters in Jane Austen’s novels is not sent to the University for Education?
(A) Tom Bertram
(B) John Thorpe
(C) James Morland
(D) Henry Tilney
Ans: (D)

Whom does Harriet Smith finally marry in one of Jane Austen’s novels?
(A) Knightley
(B) Darcy
(C) Collins
(D) Mr. Martin
Ans: (D)

Who among the following is NOT a character in Pride and prejudice ?
(A) Mr. Darcy
(B) Miss Bingley
(C) Miss Bates
(D) Mr. Collins
Ans: (C)

Which of the two novels of Jane Austen have the spa town of Bath as a primary location?
(a) Emma
(b) Pride and Prejudice
(c) Northanger Abbey
(d) Persuasion

The right combination according to the Code is:
A) (a) and (d)
B) (b) and (c)
C) (c) and (d)
D) (a) and (b)
Ans: (C)

Which one of the following novels of Jane Austen was abandoned unfinished?
(A) Northanger Abbey
(B) Persuasion
(C) The Watsons
(D) Emma
Ans: (C)

Arrange the following women novelists in the chronological order (by date of birth):
A. Anne Bronte
B. Jane Austen
C. Ann Radcliffe
D. Fanny Burney
E. Maria Edgeworth

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:
a. B, A, D, C, E
b. C, D, B, E, A
c. D, C, E, B, A
d. A, B, C, E, D
Ans: (c)

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