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S.T Coleridge Previous Year UGC-NET Questions

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“Only that film, which fluttered on the grate, still flutters there, the sole unquiet thing.”
The above lines are quoted from

(A) “Tintern Abbey Revisited”
(B) “Michael”
(C) “Frost at Midnight”
(D) “This Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison”
Ans: (C)

A half-sentence in Purchas his Pilgrimage triggered off “Kubla Khan”. Whose work was Purchas hid Pilgrimage?
(A) Robert Herrick, the poet’s
(B) John Hakluyt’s, the collector of traveler’s tales
(C) Samuel Purchas, the London Parson’s
(D) Edward Purchas, the globe-trotter’s
Ans: (C)

“Five miles meandering with a mazy motion through wood and dale the scared river ran.” Where does this ‘sacred river’ directly run to?
(A) A lifeless ocean
(B) The caverns measureless
(C) A fountain
(D) The waves
Ans: A and B

Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is a poem in _________
(A) 8 parts
(B) 9 parts
(C) 7 parts
(D) 6 parts
Ans: (C)

 The opening lines of Wordsworth’s “Immortality Ode”:
“There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
The earth , and every common sight, To me did seem
Apparelled in celestial light The glory and freshness of a dream”,
closely resembles Coleridge’s lines :

“There was a time when earth, and sea, and skies, The bright green vale, and the forest’s dark recess,
With all things, lay before mine eyes In steady loveliness”.
Identify the Coleridge poem :
(A) “Fears In Solitude”
(B) “The Mad Monk”
(C) “To William Wordsworth”
(D) “Dejection : An Ode”
Ans: (B)

The poetry of Wordsworth and Coleridge was notably influenced by…
(A) The Napoleonic Wars
(B) The Glorious Revolution
(C) The French Revolution
(D) Poor Laws
Ans: (C)

“The Rime of Ancient Mariner” is about
(A) a perilous adventure in the sea
(B) the accidental killing of an octopus
(C) the curse of a sea God
(D) the guilt and expiation of the Ancient Mariner
Ans: (D)

Who of the following was not a contemporary of Wordsworth and Coleridge?
(A) Robert Southey
(B) Sir Walter Scott
(C) William Hazlitt
(D) A. C. Swinburne
Ans: (D)

“Kubla Khan” takes an epigraph from
(A) Samuel Purchas’ Purchas His Pilgrimage
(B) Hakluyt’s Voyages
(C) The Book Named the Governour
(D) Sir Thomas More’s Utopia
Ans: (A)

Which of the following is NOT a quest narrative?
(A) Shelley’s Alastor
(B) Byron’s Manfred
(C) Coleridge’s Christabel
(D) Keats’s Endymion
Ans: (C)

Who among the following Romantic poets ended his life, lauded and respected as ‘The Sage of High gate’?
(A) William Blake
(B) S.T. Coleridge
(C) P.B. Shelley
(D) William Wordsworth
Ans: (B)

Which Romantic poet defined a slave as ‘a person perverted into a thing’?
(A) Blake
(B) Coleridge
(C) Keats
(D) Shelley
Ans: (B)

Match the columns :
Terms Theorists
1. Matthew Arnold
2. Friedrich Nietzsche
3. G.H. Hopkins
4. S.T. Coleridge

I. Apollonian – Dionysian
II. Fancy – Imagination
III. Hellenism – Hebraism
IV. Inscape – Instress

(A) 2 4 1 3
(B) 2 4 3 1
(C) 1 4 2 3
(D) 4 2 1 3
Ans: (A)

From among the following, identify Coleridge’s companion in a fanciful scheme to establish a Utopian community of free love on the banks of the Susquehaina river ?
(A) Lord Byron
(B) Robert Southey
(C) William Hazlitt
(D) William Wordsworth
Ans: (B)

“Humble and rustic life was generally chosen, because, in that condition, the essential passions of the heart find a better soil in which they can attain their maturity, are less under restraint, and speak a plainer and more emphatic language… The language, too, of these men has been adopted… because such men hourly communicate with the best objects from which the best part of language is originally derived”. Which of the following groups of the author’s poems in the Lyrical Ballads (1800) contradict this statement in the “Preface to the Lyrical Ballads”, as pointed out by S.T. Coleridge?
(A) “Ode on the Intimations of Immortality”, Prelude.
(B) “The Tasks, Seasons.”
(C) “Michael”, “Ruth”, “The Brothers”.
(D) “Elegy Written in a country churchyard”, “Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands”.
Ans: (C)

In “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” what disaster befalls the ship and the crew?
(A) The ship is caught in ice and breaks into pieces.
(B) A fierce storm batters the ship and drowns the crew.
(C) Slimy things with legs” attack the ship and kill many of the crew.
(D) The ship is becalmed and the crew dies of thirst.
Ans: (D)

“Kubla Khan” is thought to have been written in 1797, but it was not published until 1816. Who persuaded Coleridge to publish it?
(A) Wordsworth
(B) Byron
(C) Keats
(D) Wordsworth’s sister
Ans: (B)

Match the work with author :
I. “The Excursion”
II. “Christabel”
III. Milton
IV. Queen Mab
A. S.T. Coleridge
B. P.B. Shelley
C. William Wordsworth
D. William Blake

(a) C A B D
(b) C A D B
(c) B C A D
(d) B A C D
Ans: (b)

Which character created by Coleridge makes the following account of her harrowing experience ?
“Five warriors seized me yestermorn,
Me, even me, a maid forlorn :
They choked my cries with force and fright,
And tied me on a palfrey white”.

(a) Geraldine
(b) Christabel
(c) Christabel’s mother
(d) The maid who appeared in Christabel’s dream
Ans: (a)

Who viewed Wordsworth, Southey and Coleridge as representatives of a “sect of poets …. Dissenters from the established systems in poetry and criticism” who constituted “the most formidable conspiracy against sound judgement in matters political” ?
(A) Henry Vaughhan
(B) Francisco Franco
(C) Ralph Vaughan
(D) Francis Jeffrey
Ans: (D)

S.T. Coleridge “Dejection : An Ode” opens with an epigraph which is a refrence to a ballad. Identify the ballad.
(A) “Ballad of the Goodly Fere”
(B) “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”
(C) “Ballad of Sir Patrick Spence”
(D) “Ballad of the Gibbet”
Ans: (C)

In which of the following works is the character ‘Ariel’ an exclusion?

(a) The tempest

(b) Paradise lost

(c) The rape of the lock

(d) The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Ans: (d)

As mentioned in -My First Acquaintance with Poets’ which poet does William Hazlitt describe as the ”only person I ever knew who answered the idea of a man of genius”?
(A) Coleridge
(B) Wordsworth
(C) Byron
(D) Shelley
Ans: (A)

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