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Why Studying English Literature On YouTube Is Like Finding A Girl On Instagram?

There is so much more to explore in English Literature that a YouTube channel restricted me to share the relevant information to the students preparing for UGC-NET, SET and TGT-PGT exams. I could have made videos on all these topics, but then it would slow down the process.

No doubt YouTube has a high reach to the audience, but it is not the primary source of knowledge in my list.

I always recommend students to read books. If not then at least, they may try to read newspaper columns, essays, articles or blogs.

This website is also created with a mission to develop a good reading habit among Indian students.

Moreover, there are many personal reasons that I’ve been avoiding the YouTube platform.

  • I cannot beat around the bush while teaching. So I need some kind of outline to create YouTube videos.
  • First, create an outline. Next, set up your gears, lights and camera. After that, get good clothes and spend a suitable amount of time before the mirror before finally hitting the shoot button.
  • Finally, after shooting comes the editing process which takes me around another five to six hours.

I have no problem with creating videos (Find me here on YouTube). In fact, the editing process is the most creative part of creating a video. You use pictures, diagrams, illustrations, create designs and use them to have a good presentation.

In December 2020 and January 2021, I created around forty videos. Last month also I ended up making around ten videos. The most significant thing happened that the views on my YouTube videos shoot up by 104%.

What Concerns Me Most …

What concerns me most is the quality and quantity of the topics. English Literature is not something that can be taught on the YouTube platform. Even the live classes and paid courses on Unacademy or other platforms are far from developing your English literature interest.

No doubt, these platforms contribute to your knowledge, but not in a significant way.

For a while, we can assume YouTube must be a good platform. It is also a time-killer.

You will get addicted in no time. You will not be able to realize when you spent all day browsing random videos that YouTube suggested on the home screen.

My Website Designing Distraction

I’ve been designing this website for the last couple of days. Yesterday, when I was learning to add some code to this website, I was distracted by a YouTube thumbnail suggesting “How To Find A Girl On Instagram?”

Unsurprisingly, the tips mentioned in the video were something that Indian boys had learned right from their teenage. The Vlogger would have sought advice from the neighbourhood schoolboy before creating the video.

Now, this video took me to another video and then to another video which eventually distracted me from the real reason why I had visited the platform in the first place.

Both studying English Literature on YouTube and getting tips from a Vlogger who informs you the right way to find a girl of your dreams on Instagram is difficult.

Cracking the UGC-NET exam and having a soul-partner both requires understanding and patience.

Live Classes

What the educators teach you in their live classes, the same amount of information you can study by yourself in ten minutes. It’s not productive rather time-consuming.

There are incidents in some videos where educators pronounce their authority on the topics they have little familiarity with.

 And then there is a chat option in those live sessions. It’s a big distraction for many students. You see boys flirting with the girls, and the girls giggling looking at their mobile screen.

I remember I was watching a live session Neerja Raheja was taking on YouTube. The comment section was loaded with gossiping. A few boys making fun of girls and girls were equally responding.

What made me laugh until my stomach hurts was that the team Grade App kept on deleting the comments. There was no stopping them. The students continued their chit-chat while the grade app tried hard to stop them by putting promotional messages to subscribe to their paid courses.


You should begin doing three practices if you want to see permanent results in your preparation.

  • Vision: practice visioning your life as if you are watching your own life movie. Close your eyes and see yourself as an expert on the subject. If you don’t believe in your dreams, you cannot achieve them.
  • Introspection: Look at the areas where your strength lies. Figure out your weaknesses.
  • Integration: In this phase, you need to start relying on your actions than merely relying on your wishes. You need to work out on the subjects or areas that are stopping you from cracking your exams

Finally, it is important to develop the powers of self-control. Understanding the difference between assistance and dependence might help. Check it here how.

And also, find me out here on the telegram channel where I immediately update the student as soon as something relevant comes up from me on English Literature.

22 thoughts on “Why Studying English Literature On YouTube Is Like Finding A Girl On Instagram?”

  1. Good afternoon sir! I m krishna from Odisha ..the points whatever u mentioned is totally correct.
    I have also joined unacademy subscribing for 3 months & nothing is organised as such ..

    Sir I m reading from w j long ,world literature in your fist by prem shankar Pandey ….n doing major works side by side for British literature .N I m planning to read R D Trivedi British book next or shall I now continue reading wid Trivedi book leaving w j long ? So much confused ?plz find 1 mnt to post a reply to me.Thank u for putting a lot f efforts for us ,to reach our goal.

    • Hi, Krishna. William J Long will do the work. But you have to focus on other subjects too. Don’t skip theory and critic. These two are the important subjects… Moreover, focus on paper 1. Subjects like communication, teaching, and IT are easy and scoring.

  2. You have written it in the crudest way possible as we can relate with this endless cycle of wasting time on YouTube.
    Keep writing such insightful articles.

  3. Hey sir..
    I am shreya.. It was too good. Still I have not purchased any. I was thinking to do. I think literature is more about doing yourself. When we do with our own gives more depth.. I have a doubt that I am not able to read novels, I am in pg and I have a year left… I have less time and I have to do major portions of net exam..so skipping novel reading for this time for 1 year or approx that, will it hinder my growth?

    • No, it’s not about reading novels. It can be anything, from reading academic books to text analysis or to reading articles or blogs or Wikipedia. It’s about consumption. If you can consume information through YouTube, it’s great. If you think documentaries or movies can help, do that. The more you consume and reflect on what you have studied, the easier it will be for you to crack the exams.

  4. Hello Sir, I’m Antara .Hope you are doing well.
    My question is that, most of the question of paper-2 comes from poetry, Novels and drama’s line. But it’s impossible for me to read all of these works. Some of these are too boring. What should I do Sir? I’m feeling helpless. Suggest me something.

  5. As always, today’s post was talking about the reality and absolutely right guidance towards the real study of English literature for the real aspirants.
    Thank you.

  6. It’s quite true.
    Whatever I learn in literature through YouTube.I don’t remember that for long time as compared to reading books. Thanks for showing me mirror Sir!!

  7. The most authentic thing you said and i often feel that reading original text and watching or listening lectures on YouTube or any platform is a huge difference. Thanks for this authentic mesaage.


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