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5 Reasons Why You Failed To Crack UGC-NET English Literature In The Past

Every day I receive dozens of messages talking about how things did not work in the past and how students badly want to qualify for the exams. 

Some of the students I talked to are in deep mental turmoil. They are embarrassed by themselves and terrified to study any more of English Literature. 

Kiran, a student from Tamil Nadu, had several suicidal attempts in the past. It’s been four years since he has been preparing for UGC-NET English Literature. Surprisingly, results are always disappointing.

His rejections have impacted other aspects of life as well. He is low on finances, suffering from an eating disorder and his relationships with his family and friends are no longer enjoyable.   

Not getting the desired results is one of the reasons why many people cannot give meaning to their lives and set more goals. 

Here are the five reasons why you failed to crack UGC-NET English Literature in the past and how you can overcome them. 

1) You Focus More On Memorising Rather Than Understanding

When you focus more on memorizing than trying to understand the persona of the writers and poets, you fail to figure out the essence of their place in English Literature.

These writers and poets are in the syllabus and have been read worldwide for many centuries. It simply means that they must have played a significant role in the huge canon of English Literature.

It’s important to memorize. However, it’s equally important to understand their place in the subject.

Instead of memorizing the questions and answers, you can spend more time grasping how these personalities made their space in your textbooks. 

It will help you in two ways: 

  1. You do not have to spend much of your time understanding difficult subjects like Theory and Criticism, for these subjects deal with the technicalities and philosophy of the writers you study in other subjects. 
  2. When you know someone so closely, you do not have to rely on your memory. As a result, it will consume less amount of time when you start your revision.  

2) You Are Spending So Much Time In Writing Down The Notes

Writing notes is a highly effective strategy to remember any information. It will also be of great help when you revise the subjects before the exam.

However, there is an issue: you might get trapped in writing more and more without figuring out if you will have enough amount of time left at the back to revise them. 

A student, who recently joined our classes, filled five notebooks alone on British literature last year. When he failed the exam, his argument was, “It’s all about luck. I’ve worked very hard and I failed. Luck is everything.”

What he forgot to mention was that he hoped to crack the exam without revising the notes.

When you prepare for competitive exams, you need to work smart and learn to avoid the pitfalls in your preparation.

(To help our students avoid writing irrelevant information, we have created an exact study material on English Literature UGC-NET. Check it here to increases your chances to qualify NET by 10X.)

3) You Lack In Motivation

It’s embarrassing to tell people you have been preparing for UGC-NET English Literature for the past two or three years. What’s more embarrassing is when you find that you rarely made any improvement in the last six months.

Sure, you are picking books and notes every day. But are your studies productive? 

There is a difference between picking up the notes and actually studying them.

Most students start their preparation with excitement but later on find themselves falling along the journey.

In my educational program, I give personal attention to every student by talking to him personally and helping him stay consistent over time. 

What I found is that even a below-average student can achieve every goal he set for himself if he remains motivated enough for a period of time.

4) You Do Not Know How To Organise

One day you study British Literature; another day, you find yourself studying American Literature, and in this way, you keep on jumping from one subject to another.

If you do not know what to study today, tomorrow, and the next week beforehand, you will find it difficult to reach the other end of the journey.

Once you decide that you will study British Literature for the next two months, keep all your material away from your sight.

Stop reading books and watching YouTube videos on topics that are not linked to your immediate goals.

Educators teaching on YouTube teach random topics, depending on their moods. However, you don’t have to get swayed by their moods.

You must know what is better for you and how you are going to work around your preparation.

5) You Do Not Track Your Studies

When I was preparing for the UGC-NET exam, I made sure to use a timer when I sat in my study. I also kept a record where I mentioned my study hours. 

At the end of every month, I used to compare my performance with the last month.

It helped me to stay consistent and remained focused on my grand goals.

Every week or month, I felt a sense of achievement, which pushed me to achieve greater heights in the coming months. 

Some topics took more time, and some were child’s game. All in all, it was an adventurous journey, and I have never been the same person since then. 

Today, I understand the power of small actions taken every day. This realization helps me to achieve all the goals I set for myself.

Your Turn

How are you preparing for the exams? Are you setting time-bound study plans? What’s your roadmap to qualify for the exam as soon as possible?

Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Failed To Crack UGC-NET English Literature In The Past”

  1. I’m preparing well in my side.
    Yes I am ?
    I want to qualify NTA UGC NET JRF SET GATE exam’s but I know I do it anyhow ??❤️
    Inshah Allah definitely
    No excuses and I will never give up ☺️

    Your motivational massages boost my confidence that is why I’m 100and 1percent sure I qualify all these exams with the help of My Dear God and with the help of my dear Nakul Sir ?

    I’m really impressed with your ideas/thoughts.?

    You are the one in English field, who is my Ideal?☺️

    May God bless you dear Sir ?

    • God bless you too, Wani. Thanks for sparing time to connect. Appreciate your kind gesture. Keep studying the study material and stay in contact. Will surely find a way to improve the preparation.

      Stay Positive. 🙂

  2. I am Masters student and preparing myself since last 3 months to appear in the exam and have decided to start with reading books only.. no YouTube.. no vedios.. but sometimes it seems that m loosing everything… seems very hard to achieve .. lack of motivation.. there are many issues in my family… dealing with those things is quite harder for me.. but the time being m following uh makes me happier and has build my belief that i can do anything i long for.. thnku so much sir?

    • It happens with everyone, Noore. I’m sure you will crack the exam in this attempt. I also pray that the hard times in your career will come to an end this year. My wishes with you. All the best. Stay positive. Believe and good things will happen. 🙂

  3. Yes.. Sir…. Your all points are almost valid.it took me a long time to prepare notes for only British literature in 6,7 registers. Making notes is very time consuming. I follow all your points, but “to test your achievement at the end of month ” was not done by me… Thanks your all tricks are very powerful.


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