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Avoid These 5 Things If You Want To Crack UGC-NET in English Literature

Parvathi is a mother of a seven-year-old daughter. She works as a teacher in a private school in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

Although Parvathi failed to crack the exam in her first attempt, she qualified in her second attempt in September 2020. She proclaims she never had a moment when she dwelt upon the thought that she could not crack the exam.

As Parvathi said: 

“Nakul, you know it was always my father who remained at my side when things were not fine. 

When I was married, it was difficult for me to adjust to the new environment at first. I was afraid of everything even though my in-laws were very cooperative. 

My father taught me the value of self-concept. He helped me understand whatever thought I dwell upon, it will become a reality. He encouraged me to dwell upon good thoughts. 

I did as I was suggested. Every day, I woke up and thought well about my in-laws, husband, and new home. 

Surprisingly, within a week, I felt like I have been living in the house for many years. I found myself connecting with my in-laws so deeply that never again I’ve doubted living in a new place.

My father died two years back, and I’m left with an important lesson of self-concept.

No matter how difficult the situation may arise, I force myself to think positive because I understand what I think, grows.

Even though I failed to qualify for UGC-NET English on my first attempt, I knew if I stay positive, I can make things happen.

It’s simple as that: What we sow, we shall reap.”     

While talking to Parvathi, I realized there are some beliefs we all UGC-NET qualified student shares.

In fact, every individual has adopted some beliefs from the people s/he had spent most of the time. It could be through our parents, friends, school, and even religion in which one is born.

We think and act according to our understanding of ourselves and the outside world—these behavioral characteristics set forth the direction of our personal and professional life like a compass.

When UGC-NET English Literature aspirants don’t share the characteristics of the students who have already qualified for the exam, they lose the competition. 

On the one hand, a student has to prepare the subject smartly; on the other hand, s/he should understand to differentiate between productive and destructive activities.

There are several factors which lead to success or failure. However, by replacing some less productive activities with high-performing ones, you can see a major change in your preparation.

Here are five things you need to stop wasting time on if you want to qualify for your exam in this attempt. 

1 Avoid Temporary Solutions

Many students fail to qualify UGC-NET in English Literature because they never put efforts to make information permanent. 

If they come across a new concept, work, or author, they watch a video or two on the topic. Once they complete watching a 10 minutes video, it is the end of their education. Students never try to explore more.

YouTube videos, rapid-fire sessions, and quizzes are the secondary sources. 

Real growth lies in your ability to concentrate on Literature through the notes you have prepared. (To bypass this process of writing the notes, we provide the study material that can accelerate the speed at which you wish to qualify for the exam.)

It is better to prepare three-four subjects permanently than trying to find temporary fixes.

Following options can be helpful for you to remember the important works in Literature in detail:

  • Watch a movie based on the important work. (I watched 200+ movies while preparing the subject.)
  • Read the actual text of books less than 200 pages, such as Old Man and The Sea, The Vendor of Sweets by R.K. Narayan, or Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri etc. (I read about 70 actual texts during my preparation.)
  • If the above two options don’t look good, you can read chapter-wise summaries from Sparknotes, GradeSaver, and other websites. (When I was preparing, I completed Dr. Faustus, Alchemist, Tom Jones, and other few dramas/novels through this method.)

2. Avoid Jumping

Avoid jumping from one subject to another throughout the day. When you don’t plan your day, you are driven by your emotions and randomness.

  • Before you sit for your studies, you must know what topics you are going to cover. 
  • It is suggested to spend 20 minutes planning your study routine before you start. 
  • Make sure your goals are achievable and time-bound. Unfortunately, some students set unachievable goals like studying 10 Hours a day or completing the whole British Literature overnight. When the expectations do not meet, it’s quite natural to feel discouraged.

An important aspect to note down here is that we don’t get the results overnight. It is always small steps taken consistently help us to grow over time.

4-hours of well-planned study for three months can bring tremendous change in your preparation. 

3. Not Everyone But Your Studies Are Priority

  • It’s fine when you spare a few days helping your friend decide on the interior for his new house. 
  • It’s your generosity when you assist your cousin in finding the latest jewelry and clothes for her engagement.
  • It’s your big heart you don’t disappoint anyone who comes to you asking for help.

But it is not acceptable when you put everything else on your priority list except your studies. When you are driven by the events life puts forth, you fail to figure out why you fail the exams.

Students who qualify for the exam have their minds on what to study next even when they are not studying. 

Like other students they too are busy with daily household chores or buying groceries in the store, but their minds are engaged deeply in planning and figuring out their “what next”. They constantly try to develop ideas that can help them cover the syllabus and revise the material on time.

Therefore, it is important to learn to say NO to things which do not count in towards your main objective.

4. Avoid Social Media

It’s always surprising to find how five-minute random browsing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube turns into endless hours of distraction.

To become successful in this age of technology has become a lot easier. However, uncontrolled chatting on WhatsApp and Messenger or binge-watching a new series on Netflix can distract you from your real goals.

Continouse distraction can also reduce your power to concentrate on your studies for longer hours which is one of the keystone habits you required in every aspect of your life.

Read more: Why Studying Literature on YouTube is Like Finding A Girl on Instagram. 

5. Stop Blaming Your Parents

We alone are responsible for the quality of life we are living. The biggest resource in the history of humankind is time. One who understands the value of time no longer dwells in self-limiting behavior.

It is easy to blame our parents who might have failed to provide us good education even when we know books are the cheapest yet powerful enough to turn our lives whole around. 

In fact, Literature is all about reading. Studying Literature has never been expensive since the invention of printing machines. 

Never in my life, I felt the need for formal education as I understood: To improve the quality of my life, I have to embrace the journey of being a life-long learner.

So from the money I used to save every month, I purchased books, invested in courses and seminars which made me the person I’m today. Even after qualifying UGC-NET, I have not stopped my education. UGC-NET English Literature Is Not The End; It is the Beginning

Blaming is an alternate word for Excuse. When you blame, you are giving an excuse why you don’t deserve a more fulfilling life.

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  1. Such an excellent message for literature students.? I’m agreed with this blog.?
    In short the message you gave us is all about precious time ? Time is really precious than gold it will never come back ?
    If we respect our time it will gives us a lot of happiness in our future ?
    May God help us to more and more and give us strength and ability to understand our precious time Ameen ?
    And May God bless you dear Sir ?

  2. Such an inspirational character you are playing in our life …great to have you in our journey f cracking net…I request you to be with us…being an aspirant I m proud to be connected with u…..and its so true that ur blogs & videos motivates a lot….?

  3. Thnku so much sir… u r such an inspiration to all the students of literature… u make me feel happy and calm… ur words are changing my life daily?


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