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One Hard Truth You Can Learn From English Educators (Mr. Pandey, Ms. Kalyani, Arpita, Neerja And More)

One of the best things about the profession of writing is that you need to be straightforward. If you beat around the bush, you will lose the interest of your reader. 

Moreover, in this fast-paced world, who has time for reading books and blogs? After Google, YouTube has become the second-biggest platform where users spend most of their time on. 

No doubt, people have started losing the ability to read and focus on a particular task for long hours. Three years from now, YouTube will be flooded with content like her sister Google.  

We cannot avoid the fact education is now a sort of entertainment. Educators who entertain get the most viewers. You will find both teachers and teachers (having the instincts of a clown). The latter consistently outperforms the former. 

Writers And Readers Today 

Writing has interested me more than creating Videos. 

It’s a creative process; Coleridge defined it as the living power. Ralph Waldo Emerson talked about Oversoul, which you can relate to the laws of the Universe – a greater power beyond human perception. 

The east and west have developed several methods to help people realize it. Plato’s Theory of Cave and Aristotle’s Philosophy of Mind also contributed to the mystical system.   

Although I do not have much interest in religion and rituals, I love doing meditation (even for 10 minutes every day) and spending a reasonable amount of time reading and writing. 

A fundamental truth I discovered is that through the process of writing and reading, human perception heightens.

Now, writing allegories, parables, using symbols and metaphors still hold value in the world of literature. However, outside literature, people do not have time to interpret the text.

The 21st-century successful writers and bloggers are the people who can talk and converse with their audience in a language used by common people (looking back at 18th-century Romantic poets). 

It does not astonish me why Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta and a recent bestseller, Savi Sharma, have sold in millions in India. 

Don’t forget Amis Tripath’s Shiva Trilogy takes the top spot by selling 2.5 million copies of Shiva Trilogy.

Straightforward stories, plots, and writers interested me more than the figurative use of language.

That’s what this blog is all about: straightforward truth you need to hear from the lives of educators. 

No Comparison

  • Some educators arrived early and departed early. 
  • Some educators survived. 
  • Some came late but were able to move from the bottom to the top in no time.
  • Some got subscribers but fell from top to bottom.

It would not be a good thing to compare teachers with one another. Everyone has a long journey of experience and struggles of their own. 

There is a price every successful man pay to have more freedom, time and space.

The thing matters most is: what can you learn from the stories you look at on YouTube every day?

The Process of Years 

There is a process behind every success. It’s not like you wake up one day, purchased some material or paid the fees for coaching, and Lo Behold! here is your UGC-NET certificate.

There is a process that we all educators have been through and here are few things you can learn from:

Arpita Karwa

  • Arpita was a soft skill trainer and was good in her academics already. She even proclaimed being a gold medallist in her Post-Graduation. That can be another reason why she cracked UGC-NET in her first attempt, but most students failed.
  • Today, she has a team, or I suppose a media and marketing agency are helping her out in reaching more students. There is a sweet voice of the customer-care girl who picks up the call whenever you enquire about her online course.
  • It did not happen overnight. There is a process of at least six to seven years behind her success.

Vineet Pandey

  • He came earlier than everyone in the system of coaching when no one was there. There is again a long process behind his success, atleast 8 to 10 years. Where Arpita reached heights with the help of digital media, Mr Pandey made his way a long time back without digital media. 
  • He, too, had half a dozen people working under him. Most of them are someone who has been in contact with him for many years. His friend, who is also a receptionist, has a smiling face until he rolls tobacco in his mouth.

Kalyani Vallath

  • Ms Kalyani Vallath completed her PhD at the University of Kerala, Trivandrum. Again, she had an excellent academic record along with years of teaching experience. 
  • She qualified her UGC-NET when most of her students were not even born. So again, there are a set of skills, knowledge, experience and a long-long process.

Neerja Raheja

  • Although I don’t know much about the face behind the pretty good metropolitan accent, she too has a long history in the system of coaching, including helping out students in competitive exams like Banking and SSC.
  • Before appearing online through the GradeApp platform, she was teaching English Literature offline.
  • As I listen to her on YouTube, she appears more grounded, humble while resolving the doubts of the students. Indeed, there must be some process I am unaware of behind her progress. 

Unacademy Educators

  • There is a long promotional message in every video of the educators associated with this particular platform. I always failed to go past their lectures three minutes. So no comments right now. 

My Journey

After admitting to the BTech program in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, I started my career as an education consultant at the age of 18. The job helped me to understand both the dark and bright sides of academics.

I was more inclined towards the darker side. We were four partners and made commissions on every donation wealthy families paid for the admissions of their worthless children into esteemed colleges.

Within a few months, I reached the heights in this profession and made a suitable amount of income in a month than any assistant professor can make in a year.

I was one of the popular lads in my University. So if there were elections in the University, I would be the president of the union. But such elections at the college level take place only in North India. 

I was young, lost and corrupt. I knew the loopholes in the education system. Chennai had all the opportunities I was seeking.

So it went for two years until a series of terrible events made me realize my sins. An epiphany happened, and I was changed.

  • For the next six-seven years, I read books, religious scriptures, novels, developed the art of story-telling and worked harder than people around me. Sometimes fifteen hours a day. Some days, I slept late at night and woke up early. 
  • I worked for businesses, featured on many websites for my articles, wrote books, released courses, and helped several writers develop the writing skills and then get published. Then I cracked UGC-NET in the first year of my post-graduation and entered academics, but this time as an assistant professor rather than an education consultant.

Today, I’m 27, and as I look back, there are hundreds of events and thousands of lessons in my arsenal to share with you. Above all, there is a process that gives me enough amount of time to follow my passion for teaching and writing.

Understand The Process

There is a process behind every successful individual. The hard truth is you cannot create an overnight sensation. Success in any endeavor is paved through the little choices we make in our day-to-day life.

If you are one of those students who failed to crack the exam, there is nothing new to stress about.

Law of Consistent Efforts is defined as the ability of an individual to work consistently in face of all the disappointments and temporary defeats.

Emotional intelligence has a significant role in determining whether you will be able to go ahead in your career or not.

Everyone has doubts, and once in a lifetime, it happens when life shuts the door to your dreams.

Once you learn to resist the emotional turmoil originating from negative results and disappointment, the doors will be opened. But, for now, if things are not making sense, believe it to be part of the process.

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  1. Thankyou so much sir, for boosting our minds on regular basis.
    These types of blogs encourages us and makes our mind clear to go on the right track and be motivated.

  2. Your strategy is unique than others , (Engineering to Assistant Professor)
    Your blogs are always motivated me, boost’s my interest in English field, and helped me to understand English literature with the core of my heart.
    I believe in Almighty Allah with the help of your guidance I qualify NTA UGC NET JRF in this year Insha Allah definitely ?

    May God bless you dear Sir ?

  3. This was a good read sir…infact i would say a porous read which seeps into the brain just instantly. Indeed every milestone has it’s journey in the past and beyond the road!?

  4. Thanks for being so Candid about your journey. The interpretation of other educators is too appropriate. One has to face all the hassle of the life in order to emerge victorious but what lies at its basis is the recognition of one’s own self. To see the follies and goods, admitting and working is the gist of all success which your journey very well insights us about. Overnight successes are rare.
    Kudos to you Nakul!

  5. It’s worth reading.your words assert positivity and strength as always.please help us in this way, motivation is something which we need in this hard journey and uncertainty towards success.


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