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5 Regrets Students Had After Failing English Literature GATE Exam

When the results of GATE 2021 were released, my inbox was eclipsed with dozens of messages. Every student had a story or excuse about how they failed to crack the English Literature GATE exam.

There were stories of bad luck, self-sabotaging and low self-esteem. A lot of students regret why they did what they did while attempting the question paper. Many of them wished they approached the exam differently.

It is essential to know how to prepare for the exams. But, it is equally crucial to be aware of what not to do before and while attempting the question paper. 

Here are five common regrets that you want to look at so that you don’t make the same mistakes that other students committed. 

1) Marked All The Sixty-Five Questions

Generally, there are sixty-five questions in the English Literature GATE exam, divided into one mark and two mark questions. Then the question paper is sub-divided into three sections:

  • Section A – General Aptitude (10 Questions)
  • Section B – Reading And Comprehension (15 Questions)
  • Section C – English Literature (40 Questions)

While attempting all these sections, it is important to remember that if you attempt all the questions, thinking that you are good at speculation, you will probably end up giving away all your marks to negative marking.

Many were shocked on seeing how the negative marking ate up all their score. 

A girl was preparing for UGC-NET English Literature for three years. She was confident about the GATE exam and scored 53 marks out of 100. This score could have landed her in the top 200 rank holders. However, the negative marking consumed her score, and she ended up with 39 marks.

Cut-off of GATE 2021 English Literature was 40/100. Unfortunately, she could not even qualify for the exam. Therefore, it is suggested to attempt only those questions that you are at least half sure about.  

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2) Attempted 2 Mark Questions

2-Mark questions play a crucial role in determining whether you crack the exam or not. 

Some of these questions are in MSQs (multiple-select questions), while the remaining are in the form of MCQs (multiple-choice questions.)

The difference between MSQs and MCQs is that in MSQs you can choose more than one option, while in MCQs you are only allowed to pick one option. 

There can be four, five or even six options in a question.

While in MSQs, there is no negative marking, but in MCQs, you must be willing to let go of the 2-mark questions you are uncertain about.

Each wrong option you pick will take you down by – 0.66 marks.

Students who failed GATE 2021 English Literature exam regret making this mistake the most.

3) Not Spending The Provided Rough Sheets

A little booklet of about twenty sheets is provided to each student. There is no pride in exiting the examination hall without using those pages for rough work.

Learning to use the pages for maximum advantage is a skill and can be one of the most important practices a student knows how to perform.

Although English Literature is a theoretical subject, revising the subject with the help of pen and paper will help you retain maximum information. 

There is a unique combination between hand and mind. The students who can learn to tame their minds with the act of writing or journaling have more success in their career than those who don’t want to develop this ability.

Research shows that the people who regularly used their journals to write down goals and other information are five times happier and successful in life. Here is some practical advice:

  1. Study with the help of pen and paper.
  2. Use rough sheets to revise the syllabus so that you can be able to use the rough booklet provided to you in the exam.
  3. Write small and in a sequence so that you don’t get short of pages in the examination hall.

4) Not Being Able To Spend Enough Time On Section B

It was not Section C: English Literature which was confusing, but Section B: Reading and Comprehension, where most students lost their marks.

Students are confident when they see an unseen passage or jumbled paragraphs. Many of them believe it’s the most scoring section. However, the truth is yet to be acknowledged.

The purpose of Section B is to test the reading and understanding ability of the students. 

If you have never been a good reader in the past, most certainly, you pick the wrong options. The act of reading passages is not only about understanding, but it is also about reflecting. 

Section B is something that requires your maximum attention in the examination hall. The right answers are hidden beneath the words and sentences. 

Decoding it through close reading and utmost focus can prove to be a game-changer. Most of the students will fail to decode, and by spending few minutes extra, you can go ahead in the competition.

5) Being Scared by The Self-Proclaimed Gurus

Some self-proclaimed gurus spread the fear among the students to make more money from the students. 

GATE exam is designed up to the level of final year graduating students. So don’t trick yourself around thinking it’s difficult than the UGC-NET exam.

Of course, there is a negative marking. But it does not make it above the UGC-NET exam. In fact, Section C: English Literature was the most straightforward section.

GATE exam is for graduating students while UGC-NET is for post-graduating students. UGC-NET gives opportunities to teach the students while GATE does not. Yes, there are some criteria where you can enrol in an IIT for PhD and start teaching. But, most of its focus is on providing higher education.

It is easy to get deceived when you are in college or a fresh graduate student. Innocence and lack of practical experiences might throw you in a trap of making wrong decisions and loss of money.  

At Last

At last, if you failed to qualify for the last attempt, it does not mean the question paper was difficult. It simply means you were not prepared enough up to the expectations of IIT. 

Planning beforehand for the GATE exam and studying under proper guidance can make a huge difference. 

If you are looking to prepare for the upcoming English Literature GATE exam, check out our study material on English Literature that comes with personal guidance here.   

Have you started studying for the GATE exam? How is your preparation going on? Want to share any experiences with our readers? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I hope I do qualify GATE EXAM. in English literature because I know I can do it any how.?
    Inshah Allah definitely ??

    Dear Sir can you please elaborate previous GATE paper in your sweet voice ?
    Sir please make a video about the last year GATE question paper.

    I hope,soon you will make a video.

    Nice information about this exam.

    May God bless you dear Sir ?

  2. This article was really informative and helpful . It has given me better understanding about the question paper of Gate exam. I also request you to write another article on Important Topics and Author’s to study for Gate exam.
    Thank you ?

  3. Sir I didn’t actually prepared for gate 2021 and I knew it was impossible for me to clear it with the last minute studies so what I did was I only went through some vedios on how the exm pattern will be and I watched model question paper analysis. I didn’t have the pressure of exam because I knew im not going to crack this and more than the seriousness of exam what I
    had was an excitement and considered it more or less as a leisure trip to the exam centre 70 km away from my home ?. In the exams I did section A in a good manner, it was strength and section B also I did at my best but section C was totally out of my control i did knew the right answer for only a few questions and i guessed some of them then happily left those which I have no idea about. I was never worried about the results because I knew I won’t get through. I hoped to score in some twenties. But when the results came I was totally shattered because I got 40.6 marks and the cut off was 41.7. From that moment to this I regret because I think I could have scored far better if I took the exam seriously and studied well.


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