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Magazine, Bible, Dictionary, Awards – (Previous Year Questions NET | GATE)

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The Rambler appeared every :
(A) Tuesday and Saturday
(B) Sunday and Wednesday
(C) Friday and Monday
(D) Thursday and Monday
Ans: (A)

Match the periodical with the founder/s :
List – I
A. The Egoist
B. The English Review
C. Blast
D. Poetry : A Magazine of Verse
List – II
I. Wyndham Lewis and Ezra Pound
II. Harriet Monroe
III. Harriet Weaver and Dora Marsden
IV. Ford Madox Ford
Codes :
Ans: (c)

Which one of the following journals publishes articles related to critical theory exclusively?
(A) Salmagundi
(B) Diacritics
(C) Collaloo
(D) Grand Street
Ans: (B)

Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language was published in the year
(A) 1710
(B) 1755
(C) 1739
(D) 1759
Ans: (B)

The most notable achievement in Jacobean prose was
(A) Bacon’s Essays
(B) King James’ translation of the Bible
(C) Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy
(D) None of the above
Ans: (B)

Poetry : A Magazine of Verse was founded by Harriet Monroe in
(A) 1922
(B) 1920
(C) 1918
(D) 1912
Ans: (D)

The first complete printed English Bible was produced by
(A) William Tyndale
(B) William Caxton
(C) Miles Coverdale
(D) Roger Ascham
Ans: (C)

The King James Bible was published in :
(A) 1609
(B) 1610
(C) 1611
(D) 1612
Ans: (C)

The Booker Prize is awarded by a panel of judges to the best novel by a citizen of
(A) the United Kingdom
(B) the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland
(C) the United Kingdom or the British Commonwealth
(D) the United Kingdom or the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland
Ans: (B)

In the summer of 1712, The Spectator published a series of essays on “The Pleasures of Imagination,” written by
(A) Richard Steele
(B) John Dennis
(C) John Locke
(D) Joseph Addison
Ans: (D)

The literary prize, Booker of Bookers, was awarded to
(A) J.M. Coetzee
(B) Nadine Gordimer
(C) Martin Amis
(D) Salman Rushdie
Ans: (D)

The Tatler appeared thrice a week
(A) On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
(B) On Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
(C) On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
(D) On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Ans: (A)

Select the right chronological sequence of the date of Bible translations.
(A) King James Version – Tyndale –Revised Standard Version – Holman Christian Standard Bible
(B) Revised Standard Version – King James Version – Tyndale – Holman Christian Standard Bible
(C) Tyndale – King James Version – Revised Standard Version – Holman Christian Standard Version
(D) Revised Standard Version – Holman Christian Standard Bible – King James Version – Tyndale
Ans: (C)

Who among the following is not associated with the translation of the Bible ?
(A) Miles Coverdale
(B) William Tyndale
(C) John Wycliffe
(D) Thomas Browne
Ans: (D)

Which English journal announced that it was “principally intended for the use of Politick Persons who are so publick – spirited as to neglect their own Affairs to look into Transactions of State” but failed to live up to this and amused readers with “accounts of Gallantry, Pleasure and Entertainment “ ?
(A) The Spectator
(B) The Tatler
(C) The Daily Courant
(D) The Review
Ans: (B)

Identify the correct chronological sequence of the founding of the following 18th century English periodicals :
(A) Tatler – Spectator – The Gentleman’s Magazine – Rambler
(B) Spectator – Tatler – The Gentleman’s Magazine – Rambler
(C) Rambler – Tatler – Spectator – The Gentleman’s Magazine
(D) Tatler – Spectator – Rambler – The Gentleman’s Magazine
Ans: (A)

Seamus Heaney was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in the year
(A) 1995
(B) 1996
(C) 1997
(D) 1998
Ans: (A)

Who, among the following is credited with the making of the first authoritative Dictionary of the English Language?
(A) Bishop Berkeley
(B) Samuel Johnson
(C) Edmund Burke
(D) Horace Walpole
Ans: (B)

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Who, among the following, is a Nobel Laureate?
(A) Tony Morrison
(B) Seamus Heaney
(C) Ted Hughes
(D) Geoffrey Hill
Ans: (A & B)

Match the following :
1. Peter Ackroyd
2. James Boswell
3. Samuel Johnson
4. Richard Ellman

I. James Joyce
II. T. S. Eliot
III. Life of Johnson
IV. Lives of Poets

(A) I-3, II-4, III-1, IV-2
(B) I-4, II-1, III-2, IV-3
(C) I-1, II-2, III-3, IV-4
(D) I-2, II-3, III-1, IV-4
Ans: (B)

Arrange the following books in the order in which they appeared. Use the code given below:
I. The Dictionary of the English Language
II. The History of Rasselas
III. The Vanity of Human Wishes
IV. Lives of the English Poets
Which is the correct combination according to the above code?
(A) III, I, II, IV
(B) I, II, III, IV
(C) IV, III, II, I
(D) II, III, I, IV
Ans: (A)

The ‘Vulgate Bible’ was prepared to make the Bible available to
(A) The ecclesiastics
(B) The elite class
(C) The courtiers
(D) The common men
Ans: (D)

………….. is the producer of the first complete printed English Bible.
(A) Jerome
(B) William Tyndale
(C) Miles Coverdale
(D) Bede
Ans: (C)

The 1950’s saw the rise of backlash against modernism and against New Romanticism that became known as The Movement. Which of the following little magazines came to be associated with The Movement ?
(a) Departure
(b) New Verse
(c) London Mercury
(d) New Poems

The right combination according to the code is:
(A) (a) and (b)
(B) (c) and (d)
(C) (a) and (d)
(D) (b) and (d)
Ans: (C)

Which of the following magazines self consciously created an identity for Vorticists, a group of painters, sculptors and writers?
(A) Blast
(B) The Egoist
(C) The Criterion
(D) New Age
Ans: (A)

The eighteenth century practice in “England of book selling was midway between direct patronage and impersonal sales. A patron paid half the cost of a book before publication and half on delivery. The author of the book received these payments directly. The patron’s name appeared in the preface for the book published in this manner.
This practice was known as
(A) Subscription
(B) Contribution
(C) Pre-publication
(D) Remaindering
Ans: (A)

Match the following journals with their distinguishing aims and methods of scholarship:
(a) Obsidian
(b) Clio
(c) Interventions
(d) Sign
(i) Literature, history and the philosophy of history
(ii) Literature and arts in the African diaspora
(iii) Feminist writing
(iv) Postcolonial Writing
Choose the correct option fiorn those given below :
A. (a)-(ii);(b)-(i);(c)-(iv); (d)-(iii)
B. (a)-(iv); (b)-(iii); (c)-(i); (d)-(ii)
C. (a)-(ii); (b)-(iv); (c)-(i); (d)-(iii)
D. (a)-(iii); (b-i); (c)-(iv); (d)-(ii)
Ans: (A)

Adherents of the fourteenth century religious movement associated with vernacular preaching, translation of New Testament into English, and challenges to the authority of priests and bishops were called
(A) Levellers
(B) Deists
(C) Lollards
(D) Agnostics
Ans: (C)

Who wrote a guide called How to Write a Doctoral Thesis : The Humanistic Subjects, considered equal in standard to the American MLS Handbook or The Chicago Manual of Style?
(A) Alain Robbe-Grillet
(B) Cesare Pavese
(C) Umberto Eco
(D) Leo Spitzer
Ans: (C)

What is the chronological order of the appearance of the following periodicals?

(a) The tattler

(b) The spectator

(c) The Examiner

(d) The reflector

Choose the correct option:

(A) (b), (a), (d) and (c)

(B) (c), (b), (a) and (d)

(C) (a), (b), (c) and (d)

(D) (d), (a), (b) and (c)

Ans: (C)

Match the periodicals with their writers/ contributors

a) The Rambler

b) Macmillan’s Magazine

c) The Guardian

d) Bentley’s Miscellany

i. Charles Dickens

ii. Samuel Johnson

iii. David Masson

iv. Richard Steele

Choose the correct option:

(A) (a)-(iii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii)

(B) (a)-(i), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(iv)

(C) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(i)

(D) (a)-(iv), (b)-(i), (c)-(ii), (d)-(iii)

Ans: (C)

Now often did Richard Steel’s Tatler appear every week and how many issues of Tatler I total were published?

(A) Two times a week; 171 issues

(B) Once a week; 151 issues

(C) Three times a week; 271 issues

(D) Three times a week; 26 issues

Ans: (C)

 In the UNESCO definition, a ‘Pamphlet’ is an unbound publication that is not a periodical and contains:

(A) No fewer than 5 and no more than 48 pages

(B) No fewer than 10 and no more than 68 pages

(C) No fewer than 15 and no more than 64 pages

(D) No fewer than 20 and no more than 80 pages

Ans: (A)

In the following list, which two journals relate to the field of post-colonial literature?

a) Kunapipi

b) Interventions

c) Daedalus

d) Clio

Choose the correct option

(A) (a) and (c)

(B) (b) and (c)

(C) (c) and (d)

(D) (a) and (b)

Ans: (D)

Arrange the following 18th century magazines in the chronological order of publication:
A. The Critical Review
B. The Monthly Review
C. The Gentleman’s Magazine
D. The Rambler

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:
(A) A, D, B, C
(B) D, A, B, C
(C) B, A, C, D
(D) C, B, D, A
Ans: (D)

Which two of the following strictly follow the parameters of documentation prescribed by the eighth edition of the MIA Handbook?
A. Nunberg, Geoffrey, editor. The Future of the Book. U of California P, 1996.
B. Puig, Manuel. Kiss of the Spider Woman. Trans. Thomas Colchie, London: Vintage, 1991.
C. Nunberg, Geoffrey, ed. The Future of the Book. Berkeley. U of California P, 1996.
D. Puig, Manuel. Kiss of the Spider Woman. Translated by Thomas Colchie, Vintage Books, 1991.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:
(a) A and B only
(b) A and C only
(c) A and D only
(d) B and C only
Ans: (c)

American Dictionary of the English Language was the work of _________ published in ________
(A) Merriam Webster, 1903
(B) H.L. Mencken, 1930
(C) Noah Webster, 1828
(D) Benjamin Franklin, 1768
Ans: (C)

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