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3 Reasons Why You May Fail To Crack UGC-NET English Literature (JNU Professor Was Wrong)

It was during my graduation that I became determined to pursue my life as a writer. Where my friends were interested in picking up hot girls from the college, I was staying in my room, reading books.

I knew if I continued with Civil Engineering, I might never have job satisfaction in my life. So, although the engineering profession was more lucrative and provided more job opportunities, I remained firm on my decision to pursue writing as a full-time career.

It was after long years of commitment and promise to my dreams that I was able to sell my art. However, there were times when things didn’t make sense, and I was about to quit. 

  • My parents would tell me:

“Nakul, you are young today. Your mind is working. After few years, you cannot continue.”

  • A depressed professor of English Literature, alumni of JNU, suggested:

“Writing has no scope. Better teach the kindergarten.”

  • Friends suggested:

“Write erotica. Become Mast Raam and write about hot Bhabhis. We will make your books bestseller.” 

I started writing erotica. A friend of mine handed over the manuscript to the English professor who was teaching us grammar. When she read the manuscript, she cried. She rebuked us for handing over the nasty script. I was about to get rusticated from the college. 

God saved me. Every teacher has a pet – that one student who flatters the teacher all the time.

I contacted her pet. He helped me. After countless apologies and an agreement to remain out of her sight and class, I was relieved.

I left writing erotica.     

Then I Met Nitin

I was introduced to Nitin through a friend from the Computer Science Engineering department. Nitin was a geek. He loved books and computers. He was running a web solutions company at the age of twenty-one.  

His earnings were in five figures. Today, whenever I talk to him, he speaks from a different country. Sometimes, he is in Bangkok. Sometimes, Japan. Last month, he bought a 3 BHK in Delhi.

A lesson I learned: When I asked him his secret to success. He smiled and said, “Follow your passion and learn from the people who already have achieved the goals you are pursuing.”

It was enlightening. I was more determined to pursue my love for reading and writing. 

1. Lack of Guidance

Most people fail in their life because they try to do everything by themselves. They never ask for guidance. 

Imagine how difficult it would be for you to assemble a machine without a manual.

It may take you weeks or months or maybe years to figure out how to assemble a machine on your own. However, if you have a manual or a technician by your side, it will take a few minutes to fix the assembly at its right place.  

Similarly, English Literature students without guidance may lose the game. To have an extra edge in competitive exams, you need the guidance of someone who already has qualified for the exam and is eager to tell you the exact ingredients required to cook the dish of success.

If I had not met the bloggers like Nitin and top professionals in the publishing industry, I would have given up a long time back. 

2. Clutter

Due to free information available on the internet, many students fail to stick to their plans and end up in confusion. 

For instance, there is a student who recently placed her order for our Smart Study Material

Likewise, she has the notes and lectures of all the coaching classes. Sometimes she downloads the PDFs from the social media groups and takes the printouts. 

Last month, she ordered four books alone on British Literature History. As a result, she has every resource she believes can help her qualify for the UGC-NET examination in English Literature.

She knows a lot of irrelevant information like:

  • When did Wordsworth take the divorce?
  • At what time Virginia Woolf used to take her medicines?
  • Or did Mary Shelley know her stepsister Claire was sleeping with P.B. Shelly and Lord Byron?

Now, I don’t want to blame her for reading so many things and making notes on irrelevant information. Like many students, she has been fooled to study the subjects from different sources. 

It is her educator’s mistake who gives her seven authors every day to revise from the internet.

It’s bad advice! No student can consume the information spread across the internet having over 1.7 Billion websites.

 Students, without a doubt, with so much clutter, are misguided towards failure.

3. Fail To Pay The Price

Every success comes with a price tag. Students who fail to pay the price will fail to qualify for UGC-NET English Literature. 

The price can be anything from studying six to seven hours for six months or leaving all the old strategies behind and embracing the new ones. Price can be in any form, like studying a new subject such as European Literature or American Literature.  

Students who pay the price early qualify for the exam early. With every failure, self-doubt increases while self-confidence reduces. The sooner you qualify for your NET exam, the less burden you have to carry on your mind.

You can lie to everyone, but you cannot lie to your conscience. To find the truth, you have to ask yourself often, “Am I paying the right price? How much I studied today? What are the topics I have covered? What are left behind? How much time I am giving to revising the lessons everyday?”


Concluding, there are several reasons why 94% of the students fail to crack the exam. In comparison, there is one reason why 6% of students qualify, i.e., the ability to keep charging forward in the face of all the disappointments and rejections.

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  1. When I read this blog I stard crying because same is the case with me, everything was available in my room but lack guidance was my biggest problem, I bought every book for UGC NET JRF SET exam. and I admit myself in vineetnain couching center but they give me only audio lectures and some PDF files.
    But I was not interested in like PDF and audio lectures I always feel bored with these lectures ,
    One day I ask myself to quit this exam. because it is tough for me.

    But after that I change my design and order my dear Nakul Sir’s Study material which is really helpful for me.?
    Today what I am is only through the guidence of my Sir ?
    He help me in every moment.

    I always pray for him ?
    May God bless you dear Sir ?

  2. The blog is so much relatable as I hv committed such mistakes earlier ….but tq for all ur genuine suggestions .?

  3. I see new beginning of several students from you.. Not only as a NET JRF qualifier but as a true dedicated persona of English literature in different fields. Blessed to feel connected to you. You are in short taking out fear and insecurities we as a student goes through plus reminds us time to time.

  4. It’s a fantastic blog Sir , there are very new teacher who often share their struggling experience in the form of blog and showing irrelevant points of the students through this blog among which I had also learnt a lot while going through your blog Sir. Now I m’ confident that I m’ at a right place and glad that I am under your guidance Sir .

  5. I’m also a civil engineer and final year post graduation student of English literature.
    Your blog is inspirational and helpful,
    Thanks for genuine suggestions and guidance.?

  6. Good morning sir. This is Pooja working as graduate primary school teacher. I have source of English literature but with lack of guidance i m unable to crack net, plz help me


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